Our organization truly began from one young, Haitian man, named Bethel. This 21 year old man had a strong desire to make better the world around him. He diligently prayed for a "team" that would come alongside him to develop a plan to help the children in his community that were orphaned or were not getting their basic needs met. He also had a desire to help his community grow stronger and more independent.
He introduced all of us to each other and God took care of the rest. Anchored Beginnings was born. As we became a close nit team and after much prayer, we felt the Lord leading in a different direction that would benefit not only the children but to teach individuals that they have value. By teaching that people all have value we feel it is easier to teach the vision of independence. After all, our mission statement is to Offer Hope, Create Opportunity and Impact lives for Christ.

We feel blessed to have been able to be Jesus' hands and feet in Haiti since 2014. We feel fortunate to have such compassionate sponsors who walk along side Christ and help the children that have been sent our way.  With Christ we are able to begin to shape a culture of dependence and begging as a way of life and promote a culture of self sustainability to both children and the surrounding community.  Through generous donations,  we have been able to provide microloans, provide jobs, educate children, teach vocational skills to people who have the desire to better themselves by doing an honest days work to provide for their family.  We have been able to buy clothes and shoes in Haiti to help not only stimulate their economy, but provide salesmen and women an income to provide for their families.  All the food that is handed out is directly purchased in Haiti. 

We will continue to be dedicated to stay focused on our first goal, empowering individuals and educating children to become leaders in their community. As we look into the future and pray about where God is continuing to lead us, we will continue to have our eyes and ear facing toward Him. God doesn't move on our time and we are aware of this, but if we stand a listen he WILL talk to us and tell us His plan.