A Month Sponsorship for Barbara
Annual Sponsorship for Barbara


Barbara is the youngest of the Jean family. She is a sweet, very soft spoken young lady. At the age of 21, Barbara graduated from high school in June 2016.  She dreams of someday helping others by becoming a nurse. She wants to use this skill to help fund her family as well as to help others that need medical attention. In Haiti medical services are challenging to come by if you are living in poverty. She wants to help those who can not afford medical care. 

Barbara is fully sponsored for education this year but still needs sponsors for basic care and medical care.

Sponsor Options:

Annual Sponsorship
(paid in monthly payments)
 • Basic Care: $360.00
 • Medical Care: $480.00
 • Education: $480.00

Month Sponsorship
• Basic Care: $30.00
• Medical Care: $40.00
• Education: $40.00

To donate an amount other than what is listed here, please use our Give Now page. If you would like that amount to go towards Barbara's sponsorship, please email us with that information.

Yes, 100% of your donation amount goes towards the child you sponsor, but Anchored Beginnings is covering the fee (2.2% + $0.30) charged when paypal processes your donation. If you would like to make an additional donation to help with these costs, please do so here.