A Month Sponsorship for Celine
Annual Sponsorship for Celine


The remarkable women is the head of her house hold.  She is a beautiful soul. She has raised all 6 of her adult children on her own since her husband passed in 1994.  She dreams of having a more permanent job someday that will allow her to care for herself without support. Right now she is earning $8.88 USA per month doing cleaning work once a week.  She wants to help the children in her village that don't have parents caring for them like they should be. With the monies that are given to feed her family monthly by Anchored Beginnings she always spreads the food to include some of these children. She is a giver. She is asking you to help her to give more of her resources back to others by sponsoring the food program or even her individually.

Celine still needs sponsors for basic care and medical care.

Sponsor Options:

Annual Sponsorship
(paid in monthly payments)
 • Basic Care: $360.00
 • Medical Care: $480.00

Month Sponsorship
• Basic Care: $30.00
• Medical Care: $40.00

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