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Kerby is a quiet, loving boy. He is 13 years old. In his short life he has lived a very hard life. Anchored Beginnings classifies him as a Restavak child. This means Kerby must work to get his basic needs met. He is always in survival mode. He sometimes has to clean a persons house or work to various jobs for a little plate of food or a glass of water. This is how he is fed daily.

He lives in a house that Anchored Beginnings refer to as " The Broken House".  It is a severely damaged home from the earthquake in 2010. It is very unsafe but to Kerby it is some form of shelter. He sleeps on the cement floor with very little to call his own.

Kerby's daily routine is to wake in the morning, walk over 2 miles down a step mountain to get water to wash clothes and to bathe. This takes a long time as his access to basic needs is so far away.

Kerby does have  a sponsor that helps him go to school.  In the 2017-18 school year Kerby will be in the 3rd grade. As all school in Haiti costs money for tuition, registration fees, uniforms and school supplies. Most Haitians make $2-$8 USA a month (if they have a basic job). You can only imagine trying to pay for an education could be a challenge.

Kerby does have a mother. His mother leaves his village often to stay in the city. We believe she goes to the city she is trying to find work. When she does came back for a visit, we have witnessed first hand lack of concern for his well being. When his mother comes to visit she stays in a different house than his little space.

He lives with some other homeless children and an older brother who also doesn't care for Kerby. Survival is how most live. Caring for oneself only.  Sponsorship for Kerby is essential for this young man to flourish and feel valued. Everyone deserves to feel " wanted".

By your Sponsorship you are giving HOPE to Kerby. Thank you for opening your heart and being the change in his circumstance! Blessings!

Kerby is fully sponsored for education and basic care this year but still needs sponsors medical care.

Sponsor Options:

Annual Sponsorship
(paid in monthly payments)
 • Basic Care: $360.00
 • Medical Care: $480.00
 • Education: $480.00

Month Sponsorship
• Basic Care: $30.00
• Medical Care: $40.00
• Education: $40.00