Mission Trip November 11-17th

Our team is planning another trip to Haiti!! We believe that God has diligently weaved this team together to fulfill His plan. The agenda that has been set before us is as follows. 

1. Build a chicken coop:  1  1/2 years ago our team was able to purchase 2 small chickens and a rooster for the Jean family, through donations.  The family started with a few chickens, and now have 18!!! What a blessing!  Unfortunately, these chickens have outgrown their current home. We have faith that God will provide the means to get this project completed through donations. We know that giving these chickens a new, much larger, home will allow the chickens to have a happier place to live and will, in turn, produce more eggs and babies.  The goal is for the Jean family to eventually have enough chickens to feed themselves, as well as produce other chickens and eggs to sell. 

2. Care packages for a local hospital:  Anchored Beginnings believes that teaching the gift of giving is part of God's vision. Our Haitian friends are excited to be able to give back to their community. They desire for this area to grow more for them.  The vision for this mission is to  pack the care bags filled with shampoos, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, soaps, washcloths, water, protein bars and a few fun trinkets for the hospital patients. We will all go together as a team, Haitians as well as Americans, and work together loving on God's people. If you feel called to help in this ministry please let us know. 

3. Hernia surgeries: Four of our Haitian friends have been on a waiting list to have hernia surgeries. 3 children and 1 adult. Thanks to God, we have been called to go to a hospital in Port-au-Prince, Haiti for evaluations. Please pray that we are accepted to have the four surgeries completed. This is a huge blessing as the organization Leap is donating all of their time, the hospital stay, as well as all the medications needed to get through the surgeries. 

If your heart is feeling called to help out in any way with our trip, please contact us. We would love to chat with you about our up coming trip. If you would want to go on a future trip, we would love to have you join in on an experience that will not only change your life, but could change you from the inside out.