Post from Goer.... Trent Elder

Day #1- Today we started on the chicken coop for our Haitian family.  We were able to get about half way done with the coop.  It was a great blessing to work with our Haitian friends doing this project.  Everyone did wonderful working together.  We then brought three of the children to the clinic to have their evaluations for possible hernia surgery.  2 of the children will be having their surgery this weekend.  The third child does not need surgery at this point, and will be reevaluated in one year.  The organization LEAP will be donating everything for their surgeries. 


Our Haitian family has been very gracious hosts during our trip, from picking us up at the airport when we arrived on Wednesday afternoon, to picking us up at our hotel each morning, and welcoming us into their home!!


Day #2-Today we went to town and got the rest of the supplies needed to finish building the chicken coop.  Rachel made an American dinner for our Haitian family, cheeseburgers, mac n cheese, and corn on the cob!  Charlie, Bill, and Trent also walked down to the river to see where they get their water from when the water tank is empty, or to shower, and do laundry.  To put into the words that experience is very difficult.  It was an extremely difficult challenge physically.  It is a very long walk, and down in to a canyon, several hundred feet down, at least. The Haitians do the walk frequently; carrying gallons of water with them on the way back up. 


This experience has been great so far.  God has lead our team to amazing opportunities in order to help others.  We are excited for the next 4 days to continue to the work we have started, and to see what else he has for us to do in helping our family here.

God Bless Everyone!