Surgery for Neila ---posted by Rachel Krueger

Today Bethel, Bernot (our driver) and myself went to Hospital Espior with a little girl, Neila and her Mother, Marie Andre to get the needed hernia surgery that this little girl needed. We arrived at the hospital that is located about 1 hour from Fermathe. We arrived at the hospital around 6:30am. The surgery was a success!! Neila is now home with her mom. We will continue to check on her healing while we are in Haiti. After we leave, Bethel will continue to keep us posted as to how Neila is doing. 

Tomorrow, we go back to the hospital to bring a little boy, Kerby for his hernia surgery. We hope and pray that his surgery goes as well. Please pray for Kerby as he doesn't have parents to care for him as Neila does. Our plans will be to take him back to the hotel with us and he will recover in a clean and safe place. After our departure, he will sleep at Bethel's until he is fully recovered. 

Update: The chicken coop is almost completed! The whole team, our Haitian friends, along with some of the village children all helped work on the coop! God has provided many hands, contributions as well as His blessing we feel for this week. All the Glory goes to Him!!