Ways to give back with purpose

As I sit here today reflecting on the week our team spent in Haiti, I thank the Lord that He once again provides so much. He had provided us generous donations to build a chicken coop to help the Jean family hopefully start a chicken business. He provided the means for one of our family members to take a tap-tap to his school instead of having to walk 5 miles to his college. (Mickelson, has recently received a 4 year scholarship to law school!!) God helped provide 'operation Christmas child' type boxes for 28 children. He helped provide dollars as well supplies to make up care bags for the hospital that provided the surgeries for the children we had evaluated. We had 50 extra that we brought down to general hospital as well. He provided us the opportunity to feed more children on this trip as well. He provided us the means to allow Kerby (read below) to stay at hotel with us after his surgery. He provided us the connections to receive 2 hernia surgeries through a very giving organization, LEAP. These surgeries were a blessing that will never be taken for granted. I have to say it was hard to go through the process. In the end it was all worth it. I'll explain. 
It was hard to watch Neila's mom not go to the evaluation because she had to work. At first I thought I can't understand how she couldn't come with Neila. She chose to entrust Bethel and the the team to take Neila and have her evaluated. That had to be hard to do I would think as a mother. To not be there. I started to feel as if she didn't care. After having a brief discussion with her, she told me she roughly makes between $3-$5 USA/month. Working is very important as it is to most people who work, but when you earn that low of a monthly wage, this can literally mean the difference between eating or starving. I thanked her for her honesty. I told her it was our honor to watch over her child so she could work. She did, however, come to the surgery. She told me she loves her daughter, but sometimes she has to chose to work over being a present mother. She was very grateful. Her smile told me that!!! Kerby, the other child who received surgery was another story. He has siblings and apparently 'a mother' who don't care for him. He lives in a broken down house. He lives with other people but mostly has to fend for himself. This little 11 year old doesn't go to school. He is a sweet boy. Quite in nature. His 'mother said she wouldn't go to the surgery'. This made our team sad. She said she didn't want to go. I couldn't wrap my head around her answer, but knew we had to take him to get this completed. Kerby told me he wanted his hernia taken away. It bothered him. He felt bloated often. We were happy to take him and be with him. 
After the surgery, we took him back to the hotel with us. We did our best to love on this little boy. We could see he needed to be loved. We placed lotion on his skin. His skin was so dry. It almost appeared to be scaly. Gave him chicken noodle soup, clear liquids and let him watch French cartoons. His smile was huge. The following morning he ate breakfast with us. He ate more than any of us, including the men on our team. He took his medicine on schedule. He was able to take a warm shower. Let just say he took awhile....
He will stay with Bethel for the next couple days to make sure his wound will stay as clean as it can. Bethel's dream is to legally foster Kerby. On our way home from Haiti, Karen, one of Anchored Beginnings founders, told our team Kerby now has a sponsor. We have been praying for sponsors for our kids and family. Needless to say, this was great news as we have tried to feed him when the money comes in. Our team has prayed and will continue to pray for more sponsors to provide basic needs such as food and education to some of the poorest children on the planet. 

Information about schooling costs: 
Schooling for a small elementary child is $150.00 year and a high school child is around $650.00 year. It can be lower based on the school. We understand that it may be hard to sponsor something like this on your own, but siblings can pool together, neighborhoods could come together, offices could pool funds together. Sometimes it is when many people come together is when the load becomes lighter. We do have more information regarding education if you would like to see exactly where the dollars are going upon request. Thank you for reading and possibly considering impacting a life. God bless!!!