A gift of love

The story behind the giving boxes

Hi!  My name is Abby.  I had a very close and special friend named Amara. Amara passed away on July 26th, 2012 when she was only 8 years old. Amara was the sweetest and kindest girl you could ever know. She always showed love towards others. She had the biggest heart. She also had the biggest faith. Amara talked about Jesus and Heaven a lot!  And, Amara was bold.  She wanted everyone to know about Jesus and would not hesitate to ask people, “Do YOU know Jesus?”  If they didn’t, she was always happy to tell them about Him.  I was her friend, but Jesus was her Best Friend.  She prayed and talked to Jesus all the time. 

Amara had a smile and a hug for everyone she met.  Her kindness and joy were contagious!  She spent her life telling others about Jesus, even at the hospital when she was so sick.  Amara inspired others, changed lives, and deepened the faith of so many people through her experiences and through the fearlessness and unending faith she showed everyday. In her 8 years of life, she made a difference on this earth and impacted others in a way that most people could only hope to do in 100.

This world will never be the same for those who knew Amara or for those who didn’t. Amara was truly a light on this earth. She made it a better place. Now, she is a bright light in heaven and I know she is up there singing God’s praises at the top of her lungs, happy in the arms of her Savior! 

When Amara was called to Heaven, I knew I should be happy for her.  She was finally at peace and she was with Jesus.  But, I was also so sad - I missed her so much and had trouble imagining a world without her in it.  I started wondering - Who will be kind to others?  Who will point others to Jesus?  I know Amara would have continued living her life here in the same way she lived it for those 8 years – showing others God’s love and telling them about Jesus, her Savior and Friend.

But, Amara’s light will continue here on earth - it will continue shining through all of us who knew her or were impacted by her.  We all need to live life the way Amara lived life.  If we do, the world will be changed.  Each one of us can make a difference simply by showing love and kindness to others.  A day after Amara left for Heaven, I started "Amara’s Acts of Kindness” - its mission is to encourage others to do just that.  We can all do acts of kindness - an act of kindness can be something as simple as giving a compliment - or it could be something bigger like helping someone in need.  We all have the power to SHINE for JESUS!!  Share LOVE.  Spread HOPE.  Shine LIGHT.  SHINE ON!!! 

To honor her friend Amara after her passing, Abby began requesting no gifts for herself from friends at her annual birthday party; instead, she asks for toys or money or other items that can then be donated towards an important cause.  This year, Abby was very excited to partner with Anchored Beginnings - for her birthday, instead of bringing birthday gifts for Abby, Abby asked that her friends bring gift boxes that could be sent to children in Haiti for Christmas.  Abby’s friends blessed her with many boxes filled with items to be sent to Haiti.  In this way, Abby says Amara’s legacy of kindness and love lives on!  And, Abby hopes it leads others to Jesus and the hope and joy and life found only through Him.

blessing boxes.JPG

To find out more about Amara and her legacy, you can visit the website www.amarasactsofkindness.org or look up "Amara’s Acts of Kindness" on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=amara's%20acts%20of%20kindness