Thank You!

Thank you everyone for all of your contributions.

In the month of August alone we have been able to pay for a whole year of school and supplies for Bethel and Odi. We have been able to start and complete the 1st section of the Jean family's security wall, as well as feed the family along with Odi 2 times a day with a protein, starch and vegetable. Provide a months supply of clean water AND were able to send them more money to continue construction on the security wall. God has blessed us in such huge ways. We know that He will continue to provide as we are trying to stay true to what He asks of His people.

If you feel moved by our Story or just feel called to help. Please visit our Take Action section of the site and learn how. Giving with a purpose and actually being able to see directly the impact is huge. Email us if you have any questions at