2nd Garage Sale Fundraiser for Haiti

If you are near Dassel, MN Between Sept. 3rd-5th please stop by our HUGE garage sale. 21401 746th Avenue.  This is a great way to support Anchored Beginnings and our team going  to Haiti in November. This mission trip will be a great one to keep track of as we are going to be working hard with our Haitian family on a few projects. 

1. Taking 4 deserving Haitian people to be screened for possible hernia surgery. This will be a blessing if our Haitian children and 1 adult get accepted. 

2. We will be building a chicken coop to allow the family to raise and take care of more chickens on their property. This we hope will help supplement their income. 

3. We will also be building a much needed compost bin to help provide the family with some rich soil so they can start growing some of their own nutritious food. 

4. We will be going to General Hospital in Port au Prince to have our Haitian friends do some community service work. We at Anchored Beginnings believe that giving back is always important. Our Haitian friends are excited to give back to others. They believe it to be a blessing to be able to do this for other Haitian people in need.