The $5,000.00 match

Transparent Definition:

Having thoughts, feelings, or motives that are easily perceived

For the first time in our young age, Anchored Beginnings is faced with a challenge that will set the trend of how we present ourselves to you. As we sat around the table last night during our monthly meeting, we discussed how to let all of our supporters know about the results of our latest campaign. (The $5,000.00 match)

Over and over the word transparent came up in our conversation. along with the words humbled, blessed, gracious, not proud or boastful. So how does an organization be transparent without seeming at least a little boastful? Do we show exact numbers or show percentages? Do we be vague or will our people be disappointed in not knowing the exact number and then not trust?

We think there in lies the answer with you....

God continues to bless Anchored Beginnings beyond our expectations. He is continually showing us to trust Him throughout this whole process. We are asking you to see 'our hope' in Anchored. Please know every dollar is being prayed over. With that said, this new large surge of donations will be used for the following:

  •         Finishing the last phase of the wall
  •         Constructing and installing a large security gate
  •         Complete a new indoor bathroom
  •         Hiring a new Haitian sponsorship advocate

So our decision is to not show you exact numbers because numbers are just that, numbers. It's what's accomplished and how lives are changed from those numbers that matter.

Thank you for your prayers and the HOPE you give to Anchored Beginnings.