Many people ask what they can do to help the people in Haiti? They ask what can they do to provide hope? Several people have said, I can not give much but I want to help.  I can tell you first hand that you may not think your donation will make a big impact on someone's life, but we can assure you It will and does!  Anchored Beginnings wouldn't be what we are today without all the donations, prayers and caring hearts that are involved. 

We are proud to show you just what your contributions can do for someone. How they can change their life. Here are some photos of the women we recently posted about. She virtually lost everything. Because of the donations and the dedication of our Haitian partners this women now has a new roof, a new front wall on her home, a new front door with a new lock as well as a new bed.  All the glory must go to God!! All of this has been accomplished because God has spoke to His people. God has placed Haiti, this women and the many others on the hearts of some very generous people.

We all are capable of making a difference. In this case we were able to not only help a family in desperate need, we were able to hire local Haitian men. This enabled them to provide for their family's one more day. We were able to allow some Haitian people to step up and help others. They are like other people. They desire to make an impact and a difference. We were able to all take pride in the fact that we may be country's apart, but we can do God's work and love on His people. We are all capable of just that...LOVE.