Plans Do Change, God Continues to Provide a way!

Let's just say plans have changed!  I fully expect this when traveling to Haiti. When one door closes another one opens! No worries! 
Anchored Beginnings was planning on flying a 500 lb.  palate of items to Haiti for our Christmas parties with over 110 children! Well...that didn't work out. :(The  
After several hours on the phone, we were able to find a possibility to get our items to Haiti! A huge Thanks to Ellen Schreder and her awesome husband for helping make this shipment possible. The items are all in this little pick up truck on their way to Haiti. God makes things happen when it seems so impossible. I have personally witnessed this time and time again. This is just another way he teaches us to have faith, be trusting in him and to simply know He is God! He sure opened a huge door for us! If you believe it can, it will happen. May just the way we want it to.