Chicken Business update

Last November a team of Minnesotans were able to go down to Haiti to help construct a NEW chicken coop that consisted of 25 chicken boxes and a place to house the hens and roosters the family already raised. Our team worked side by side with the family.  Anchored Beginnings philosophy is to never just give or do the work. We believe the recipient must invest in their project(s). We believe that teaching a man to fish is much better than to solely giving a hand out. The family and goers ALL contributed to the project. Thanks to all of our donors, our haitian friends were able to have all the supplies ready for us/them when we arrived to get to work. No time was wasted. Our Haitian friends learned how to use many new tools. Their favorite part was to use the power tools. There was a lot of laughter and learning going on during the construction process. What a great learning experience for all involved. 

 Great News!!  As the number of chickens continues to multiply, there is enough eggs to begin to sell! The family is now feeling they can start to begin to part with the eggs, as well as a couple extra roosters. Parting with the roosters and eggs has been difficult. Like most things in Haiti, nothing comes easy.  "Things, animals, clothes, home goods" are all difficult to come by.  Imagine only earning $2-$5 a month. You would want to hold on to everything. You wouldn't know when the next time you'd be able to replace what you have would be. This is true for their eggs and roosters. Letting go of these things was hard. It is becoming easier, but the struggle is still very much present. There has, and will continue to be many conversations about letting go.  The family worries.  They tell us  'what if there isn't enough' for tomorrow?'  What if sponsorship's were forgotten? These are true fears of theirs. We have conversations often with them regarding fears and trust. Without ever truly living in poverty we can not say we completely understand, because we never will. We can only TRY to understand. Patience is essential to any growth. With a lot of prayers and commitment, the family IS learning to sell the eggs they have blessed with. They ARE learning how to invest back into their business. They are learning how to log essential information needed to run a successful business. Change is hard, but with love, patience and commitment, all things are possible with Christ. We know He has His hands in this mission.  Thank you to all who have believed and invested so much into Anchored Beginnings.