Getting to know the Virtue of Patience!

Patience is the ability to endure delay, trouble, pain or hardship.  Day one of our team's travel to Haiti brought the need for a lot of patience.  Travel anywhere can create the need to be patient with others as our team has found out in our travels so far.  However, with everyone's teamwork, the ability to work together, and with our Father God guiding each of our steps, we have been able to continue moving forward so far on this trip. After arriving in Haiti Wednesday afternoon, our Haitian friends were there at the airport, Bethel, Bernot, and Mickelson.  We also had the opportunity to be greeted by our friends Chrisma, and his brother Romain for the first time.  After arriving at the hotel later in the evening, we realized that some of luggage was left behind at the airport.  

Thursday morning we headed back down to the city early in the morning to get our luggage that was left behind at the airport.  Patience was also a factor, in Haiti things are done at a slower pace than back home.  Our team continues to work together, through God's guidance.  We also said goodbye today to Chrisma and his brother Romain as they went back their home in another part of Haiti.  Our team had the opportunity to meet with our friend Matt, his wife Julie, and their three children.  They operate two orphanages, a pediatrics clinic in Jacmel, Haiti.  We had the opportunity to visit their orphanage in Port au Prince.  They have 30 girls in the orphanage, our team made snow cones with the children, played games, and learned more about their orphanage.  It has been great to see how God brings people together in various ways, to help others out when it is needed.  We also were able to visit the Jean family home this afternoon, it was great to see the changes since being there in November.  The security wall is now completed, we are working on getting the gate made, and installed to complete the project.  We enjoyed a great meal of rice, chicken, and vegetables prepared by Mom, Celine and sisters Barbara and Guerda.  It was also great to see young Khiri, age five.  She sang a song for us, and said Grace before our meal.

Tomorrow we look forward to doing the Kids in Christ (vacation bible school) program with the children in the Village, sharing God's word.

post from: Trent Elder