July 29th, 2016- Humility

We started the day early, too early for me- but it was good, the early bird gets the worm! After eating breakfast we were waiting for Bernot to walk from his home to here, it took longer than anticipated, so our day started later then we wanted, but God was using this to teach at least me, the meaning of humility and to trust in Him, even when things aren't going well. I want our trip to go well with no mishaps and no hurdles, but that's not the way one can grow in humility.

When we were pulling up to the Jean house, there was a lot of the kids lined up along the wall, when they saw the vehicle we were riding in their faces lit up like a sweet-toothed kid with unlimited funds in a candy shop! Their joy was so noticeable as they clapped their hands and shouted their appreciation of us finally arriving to share time with them!

We were blessed by these kids as we shared the love of Jesus Christ with them and they also extended that love back to us.  True humility was visible as these grateful kids were engaged by the crafts, story time with Bethel about Jesus loving us, playing games with each other and us, and enjoying a meal. I'll never forget those smiling faces and what it means to enjoy the simple things in life: the Love of Jesus, spending time with those we love, and having a full stomach and full heart.

After we were done eating our lunch, we went to the hardware store and picked up some better fencing to keep the chicken coop intact after the roosters got mad and tore through the wire fencing we had put up last year. On the way back we stopped and bought some rice and beans so that we could send some home with the children at the VBS tomorrow., all these little things seem insignificant to us, but they are very meaningful and touch lives in ways we don't always know, we are so blessed to see the effect love can do on this trip- surely life is better in serving others in humility and thankfulness!