Another exciting day in Haiti

Today we were up bright and early again, excited to spend another great day with the kids at the Kids in Christ program. As we pulled up to the village, where the Jean family lives, we got to see another day of VERY excited kids so happy to see our faces. They screamed with joy and tried to hop in the back of the truck to give us LOTS of hugs. They were excited to show us how grateful and happy they are that we are here to spend another day with them.

As our team was preparing for snack in the Jean family's home, the kids all gathered around and stated to open in a wonderful prayer. As the day went on, we played games, made crafts. When we reached the end of our day together we closed out by giving them gifts in their treasure boxes. These gifts included oral hygiene items, hair binders and headbands, soaps and shampoos. We discussed how important it is to keep your hair, teeth and body clean. We filled rice and beans bags for the children to bring home to their families. It was an AMAZING day! 

post by: Maisy Elder - 14 yrs old