Bethel's First Blog

I am feeling in Seventh Heaven to work with Anchored Beginnings.  They have supported so much for my family and myself. .My team is so interesting, when we gave each kids a bag of rice and beans at bible school this week  I could feel my heart beating so deeply, this makes me more than happy!  I love you everyone who helps.  God brings us together, and he needs us to have coalition.  I want to describe God in one word, that word is Miraculous.  I had a blast some new friends this week, Chrisma, Matt, John, and Dickenson.  I kinda like Maisy, she is quiet.  She is like Kaileen.  And I love when my team tries to speak Creole.  God is an awesome God!  I am proud for all that he has done for me.  Remember we aren't lucky, we are blessed.  Thanks to all.


Posted By Bethel Jean, Anchored Beginnings, Haitain Team Member