Continuing to Make a Differrence

Today was another blessed day here in Haiti.  The weather was not all that great, raining off and on, windy, and cloudy most of the day.  It felt like a fall day in Minnesota.  Our team had another great day spending time with the Jean family here.  We visited Odi's, and Kerby's schools to get information for the upcoming school year.  Khiri's mom also purchased her books for the school year.  We  visited some apartments to look at to get an idea when the opportunity comes for someone from the US to live here on a full time basis in order to oversee Anchored Beginnings from here in Haiti.  We found a couple of really nice options, we will continue to pray for this opportunity, and see what God has planned for bringing a team member to live here in Haiti.

This evening we made an American meal for the Jean family, spaghetti along with french bread.  It was a great time of fellowship with the family, and they enjoyed to meal.  At the end of the evening we roasted marshmallows with the family, something they have done before with us, and really enjoy doing this time.  Tonight is our last night here in Haiti.  Tomorrow morning we will spend some time with the family, getting more pictures of everyone before we leave, and the hard part of saying goodbye.  

Thank you to everyone back home for the continued prayers for our trip.  The Jean family, our friend Chrisma, the children and the many others that is helped and encouragedis very appreciative. They thank everyone for all of their kind support, prayers, and items that were sent for them.