December 25, 2016

On Christmas, the pastor at PAP Fellowship preached on the birth of Christ like I am assuming most churches did. What really resignated with me was the pastor spoke of too many times Christians believe in God, know all the stories but still want to be completely in charge of their own lives.  He preached it isn't enough to believe in God, but to instead truly have a relationship with Him. He also spoke about listening to God and follow what he tells us.  Sometimes he tells us things we don't want to hear or calls us to places that put us outside of where we feel comfortable. We are to do it.  He preached when we are truly obedient and let go out our own desires and needs is when we will transform. I can say personally I'm not always good at letting God guide my life. I am a work in progress.
As I ride on a bus taking our team of 9 to Cap Haitien never being there before, (this is new destination for our Haitian friends as well), we are trusting the Lord to protect us and guide us. We as a team decided God placed our hearts here for a reason, so we went. (Let me add that I spoke to many Americans that have been here to find out more about the places we will go.) I am trying to hand the steering wheel over to God. It isn't always easy.  Another thing the pastor spoke of was to be bold in our actions, in our character to let our lives be a true reflection of Christ the best we can be as sinners.
Please Continue to pray for our team. My children are experiencing so many new things.  Some they love, somethings, not so much.  Please continue to pray of us as we really am needing our prayer warriors out there to help us with prayer.
Thanks to everyone who is praying.