Blog from December 27, 2016

Before my family came to Haiti there was a lot of planning that went into this trip.  Quite a few things had to align before we left.  The Christmas boxes, shoes and clothes all had to be shipped. We were going to ship the items via cargo, but had to stuff a small pickup truck full of the collected items and send the truck on a ship in Miami to Cap Haiten, Haiti. That all happened on schedule. We arranged for all the transportation that we needed and for places to sleep at night. That was all set. That was a miracle in itself.
Now, we are waiting for the second part of the story to align. So far, the ship has been delayed. This is expected in Haiti. I keep telling myself this. I try to remind myself that it will all come together, just not on my schedule. I hate practicing patience. All I have left with is to be patient and wait. Did I mention I dislike waiting?  As we are here waiting literally for our ship to come in, (I know, that was bad, but come on..It is kind of funny.) Since we have to wait one more night for our ship we have decided to change hotels. One that has a pool and things for my children to do while we all practice patience.

My youngest son, Kyle, pulled our team together and said a wonderful prayer today. He prayed that the next day the ship would arrive early in the morning so we didn't have to leave the items behind. He prayed how much the children needed a nice Christmas. 
We are all trying to be patient and praying the items arrive. If they don't arrive tomorrow, we will continue with our plan to go to Ranqutte. Regardless we will feed the children, talk about the birth of Christ and play with them. The items WILL arrive. Just not on our schedule. The children will receive their Christmas boxes, eventually.  God truly blessed each child who will receive these items. I'm feeling down as I wanted to capture the joy on the faces of these children to be able to show everyone who contributed the children receiving their boxes. OH WAIT! The ship just arrived!!!