A loan for another beautiful person in Haiti

Marie, a widow and mother of 3 children

What a year it has been for this beautiful women and her family. As announced a few months ago, Marie was dying from diabetes. This treatable disease almost killed her. I can not forget her face when she told me that she felt like she was dying. She was so scared that her children would live without parents. She wasn't ready to leave this earth as she felt she needed to be here to raise her children as their father already passed away from a different treatable disease just few years ago. When we offered her an opportunity to loan her some money to help her start a business her eyes opened wide while she answered yes, I'll take it. Marie prepared a plan, sign a contract and the money was hers. She was very happy to have this opportunity. We are thrilled to give it to her. We will keep you posted as to how she is progressing. 

Thanks to all of our donors. Thanks to the blessing of give to the Max Day. 

We hope to give out more micro- loans in the near future.