A loan for another beautiful person in Haiti

Marie, a widow and mother of 3 children

What a year it has been for this beautiful women and her family. As announced a few months ago, Marie was dying from diabetes. This treatable disease almost killed her. I can not forget her face when she told me that she felt like she was dying. She was so scared that her children would live without parents. She wasn't ready to leave this earth as she felt she needed to be here to raise her children as their father already passed away from a different treatable disease just few years ago. When we offered her an opportunity to loan her some money to help her start a business her eyes opened wide while she answered yes, I'll take it. Marie prepared a plan, sign a contract and the money was hers. She was very happy to have this opportunity. We are thrilled to give it to her. We will keep you posted as to how she is progressing. 

Thanks to all of our donors. Thanks to the blessing of give to the Max Day. 

We hope to give out more micro- loans in the near future.

We made our goal!

 Give to the Max Day was a huge success.  We could not have done it without all those who so generously donated.  We not only made our goal, but exceeded it.  We cannot thank you enough.  Anchored Beginnings has been so blessed.  We believe that we'll now be able to empower more people to start their own businesses to improve on their lives. 


Give to the Max day 2016 is TODAY!!

 We are happy to share that Orono Dental Care is showing their support by hosting a fundraiser for Anchored Beginnings through Give to the Max. Please visit, Good news! 

Orono dental care is offering an online fundraiser match up to $500 for Anchored Beginnings.





Many people ask what they can do to help the people in Haiti? They ask what can they do to provide hope? Several people have said, I can not give much but I want to help.  I can tell you first hand that you may not think your donation will make a big impact on someone's life, but we can assure you It will and does!  Anchored Beginnings wouldn't be what we are today without all the donations, prayers and caring hearts that are involved. 

We are proud to show you just what your contributions can do for someone. How they can change their life. Here are some photos of the women we recently posted about. She virtually lost everything. Because of the donations and the dedication of our Haitian partners this women now has a new roof, a new front wall on her home, a new front door with a new lock as well as a new bed.  All the glory must go to God!! All of this has been accomplished because God has spoke to His people. God has placed Haiti, this women and the many others on the hearts of some very generous people.

We all are capable of making a difference. In this case we were able to not only help a family in desperate need, we were able to hire local Haitian men. This enabled them to provide for their family's one more day. We were able to allow some Haitian people to step up and help others. They are like other people. They desire to make an impact and a difference. We were able to all take pride in the fact that we may be country's apart, but we can do God's work and love on His people. We are all capable of just that...LOVE. 

Thank You for the Donations!

We could not feel more blessed! God continues to bless Anchored Beginnings with gracious givers. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to helping the people of Haiti at this devastation time! Food prices have tripled as food is scarce at this time. Any contribution is a big help! All donations will go directly to helping the Haitians.

Click the link below if you would like to donate.

July 27 - August 2nd trip recap

Our team is always thankful for the opportunity to spend time in Haiti.  We thank everyone involved with their support of Anchored Beginnings.  Our team had the opportunity to meet a young man named Chrisma, and his brother Roman, from Ranquitte, Haiti.  We were able to help his orphanage out bringing him some donations of shoes and clothing. We were also able to donate some food for his children as well.  We also had the opportunity to meet with Matt, and his family (from Pennsylvania).  They are living in Haiti, overseeing a pediatrics clinic, and three orphanages.  It was great to see their orphanage, and spend time with the family for a few hours.

The main focus of this trip was the Kids in Christ program (Vacation Bible School).  Thank you to Karen for putting together the program, the crafts, snacks, songs, games, and bible messages.  Our team was anticipating 30 kids for the two-day program; we were prepared for 36, and ended up having 43 kids for each day from the village.  The kids were very excited each day for the activities.  It was a wonderful blessing to see the joy, and energy that they had.  All the kids loved the crafts that they made, singing songs, and learning more about the word of God.  It was also great to see the older kids helping out the younger kids, helping them with their crafts, and eating lunch.  Mom, Celine prepared a wonderful meal each day, feeding over 50 people, including all of the kids, and the adults helping with all of the activities.  We also sent home with the children bags of rice and beans to share with their families.  The children also received hygiene items, including a tooth brush, toothpaste, soaps, and lotion.

Such a program would not be possible without all of the help, and teamwork with the Haitians and our team working together each day.  The kids learned new games that we had brought with, playing connect four, hungry hippo, twister, and blowing soap bubbles.

Our team is very blessed to have our Haitian friends helping us throughout the entire trip.  Our friends at the hotel, we stay at always take good care of us.  Bernot, our driver, is awesome at getting us where we need to go each day.  A big thank you goes out to Bethel, his brothers Mickelson, Johnson, Estras, and sisters Barbara, Guerda and to their mom, Celine for hosting the VBS program at their house.   It is always a great opportunity to spend time at their house, immersing ourselves into their culture. 

We also were able to see the recently finished security wall around the Jean family house to provide them better safety.  Our team also hired our driver/metal worker, Bernot. By doing this Bernot was able to hire 3 helpers to build the security gate to complete the project.  The team also visited the schools of Odi, and Kerby, the two boys that Anchored Beginnings helps support them financially in order for them to attend school.

Our team had a great opportunity to share God’s word in Haiti, it was a wonderful experience to make new friends, and continue building our relationship with the Jean family, and the other friends that we had met before.  A trip like this would not happen without all of the support of our friends and family that donated their time and money in order to travel to Haiti sharing the word of God, and helping others.

Pure Joy!

Today our team had an AWESOME day! The Children all squealed and screamed and sang as we drove up the road. I wished I would've captured it on video. It was so moving. It brought tears to my eyes. So moving! We were late arriving, yet the children didn't mind. I envision this is what pure, raw, innocent joy is. Sometimes I wish to feel those pure moments of joy just the way children seem to so effortlessly. When and where does that get lost? 

Our activities today took the whole day. The children sat patiently and listened contently. They were so excited about listening to the word of God. Bethel, did such a wonderful job reading and talking with the children. Mom, Celine, Bethel's mom cooked for over 43 kids each day (We planned for 30 and prepared for 36). There wasn't a minute when a new child appeared that we didn't welcome them. The more the merrier. We worked as team and divided everything up so everyone received. No one felt left out. Everyone was fed and there was even enough to give seconds. You should see these little children eat...WOW!! Each child was sent home with a large bag of rice and a large bag of beans. The smiles were so contagious. They sang, God is so good, He's so good as our Haitian family handed the food out to the children. I cried happy tears witnessing it all take place. I have been here now 10 times and I can personally say the people of Haiti do bring me great joy. 

To end the day, we made snow cones and packed treasure boxes filled with hygiene supplies and some goodies. I can not post a ton of photos right now as our server won't handle it. I apologize. If you would like to see a few of the photos captured, please see our facebook page under Anchored Beginnings. 

Getting to know the Virtue of Patience!

Patience is the ability to endure delay, trouble, pain or hardship.  Day one of our team's travel to Haiti brought the need for a lot of patience.  Travel anywhere can create the need to be patient with others as our team has found out in our travels so far.  However, with everyone's teamwork, the ability to work together, and with our Father God guiding each of our steps, we have been able to continue moving forward so far on this trip. After arriving in Haiti Wednesday afternoon, our Haitian friends were there at the airport, Bethel, Bernot, and Mickelson.  We also had the opportunity to be greeted by our friends Chrisma, and his brother Romain for the first time.  After arriving at the hotel later in the evening, we realized that some of luggage was left behind at the airport.  

Thursday morning we headed back down to the city early in the morning to get our luggage that was left behind at the airport.  Patience was also a factor, in Haiti things are done at a slower pace than back home.  Our team continues to work together, through God's guidance.  We also said goodbye today to Chrisma and his brother Romain as they went back their home in another part of Haiti.  Our team had the opportunity to meet with our friend Matt, his wife Julie, and their three children.  They operate two orphanages, a pediatrics clinic in Jacmel, Haiti.  We had the opportunity to visit their orphanage in Port au Prince.  They have 30 girls in the orphanage, our team made snow cones with the children, played games, and learned more about their orphanage.  It has been great to see how God brings people together in various ways, to help others out when it is needed.  We also were able to visit the Jean family home this afternoon, it was great to see the changes since being there in November.  The security wall is now completed, we are working on getting the gate made, and installed to complete the project.  We enjoyed a great meal of rice, chicken, and vegetables prepared by Mom, Celine and sisters Barbara and Guerda.  It was also great to see young Khiri, age five.  She sang a song for us, and said Grace before our meal.

Tomorrow we look forward to doing the Kids in Christ (vacation bible school) program with the children in the Village, sharing God's word.

post from: Trent Elder