Changing Lives

Pure Joy!

Today our team had an AWESOME day! The Children all squealed and screamed and sang as we drove up the road. I wished I would've captured it on video. It was so moving. It brought tears to my eyes. So moving! We were late arriving, yet the children didn't mind. I envision this is what pure, raw, innocent joy is. Sometimes I wish to feel those pure moments of joy just the way children seem to so effortlessly. When and where does that get lost? 

Our activities today took the whole day. The children sat patiently and listened contently. They were so excited about listening to the word of God. Bethel, did such a wonderful job reading and talking with the children. Mom, Celine, Bethel's mom cooked for over 43 kids each day (We planned for 30 and prepared for 36). There wasn't a minute when a new child appeared that we didn't welcome them. The more the merrier. We worked as team and divided everything up so everyone received. No one felt left out. Everyone was fed and there was even enough to give seconds. You should see these little children eat...WOW!! Each child was sent home with a large bag of rice and a large bag of beans. The smiles were so contagious. They sang, God is so good, He's so good as our Haitian family handed the food out to the children. I cried happy tears witnessing it all take place. I have been here now 10 times and I can personally say the people of Haiti do bring me great joy. 

To end the day, we made snow cones and packed treasure boxes filled with hygiene supplies and some goodies. I can not post a ton of photos right now as our server won't handle it. I apologize. If you would like to see a few of the photos captured, please see our facebook page under Anchored Beginnings.