The Blessing Boxes, Clothes and Shoes are on their way!!

Thanks to ALL who contributed to the shoe and clothing Drive. We were able because of all the generous donations able to send down over 600 articles of clothing and more than 300 pairs of shoes. We surpassed our goal of 100 Blessing Boxes this year... We had 190 donated!! God sure blessed this mission. We will be sure to take photos of the children receiving their boxes and article of clothing as well as a new pair of shoes. This was all possible especially because a generous company in Loretto, MN offered to ship these items for us. Amazing! 

All the Glory to God! We are thrilled to be the vessel that God is using to deliver these items to the areas of Fermathe and Ranquette, Haiti. 

shipping items.jpg

Next Trip to Haiti December 21-31, 2016

   Dec. 21-31st The Krueger whole family will be traveling to Fermathe and Ranquette, Haiti. This will be the 1st trip to Haiti for the Krueger Children, Jared (14), Alyssa (13), and Kyle (9).  The family plans to host 2 separate Christmas parties for 2 separate areas in Haiti. The family has been wanting to go to Haiti over Christmas for the last 2 years, but it never seemed to fit in to the holiday schedule. They decided it possibly wouldn't ever fit if they waited for the 'right' timing. They prayed about this trip as a family for many months. They discussed what it would look like and decided that THIS Christmas was the perfect one to finally go. 
They will be collecting shoes for children in Ranquette as well as Christmas Boxes. (Kind of like the Operation Christmas Child Boxes).  You can go to the heart to heart page and click on the titles that are labeled, 'Blessing Boxes' or 'Soles for Souls'.  The pages will indicate exactly what you need to do to contribute.  

The family is hoping to not only throw an awesome Christmas party to the children, but also spread the word of the Lord and of the true meaning of Christmas, The Lord's birth.  They would also like to prepare a large meal for the children. The best thing of all, the family would love to have enough funds to send each child home with a large bag of rice and beans to help feed the family on Christmas as well.

You can contribute cash donations on our website, mail to Anchored Beginnings office or hand deliver your contributions. Remember this is all tax deductible.  If you are packing a blessing box, we ask you to add $5 to help with the extra cost of getting items to Haiti that would be greatly appreciated as well. All items need to be collected no later than December 5th.  

The nice thing about Anchored Beginnings is you can have a relationship with these children. They would love to send you photos and information about themselves. 
If you feel drawn to this mission, please go to this link if you are interested in helping out. We pride ourselves that we are a small, intimate, Christ centered organization.  Please keep this trip and the Krueger family in your prayers. Thank for reading and God Bless!

We will come personally grab items if that is needed. Please contact us at