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Current Special projects:

NEXT PROJECT:   The indoor bathroom

If you would like to help with getting this indoor bathroom completed, please contact us to learn more about ways you can help. We will continue to pray about this project and know God will provide on His timing. We are faithful. 

The security gate: Completed!

All the glory goes to God. Here are some photos to show you just how much work, sweat and effort the Jean family, along with some skilled labors.

The security wall: Completed!

All the glory goes to God. Here are some photos to show you just how much work, sweat and effort the Jean family, along with some skilled brick layers did. Each one of these stones were hand carved and laid into place piece by piece. They do not have the big heavy equipment to help them in the process. Everything is hand mixed, hand wheeled and hand laid. We even had to wait for rain to come so they had water to work with. 

We feel so thankful for all the individuals who believe in Anchored Beginnings and continue to help us do God's work. Touch people's lives. Change lives. Help people to move forward in their poverty.

Children Hernia Surgeries: 1 child still needs surgery!

Anchored Beginnings partnered with Leap, a surgical organization, to repair hernia's for some deserving children. Kerby 11 and Neila 10 were 2 of the village kids that were fortunate enough to be accepted and worked on. The surgeries took place November 14-15, 2015. Anchored Beginnings feels blessed to have made these connections with Leap. If you know of a child in Haiti with cleft lips/palates, hernias, need tonsils or adenoids removed, let us know and we would be happy to connect you with LEAP. Their staff is by far amazing! 

Chicken Coop:    Completed!!!

Anchored Beginnings was able to purchase 2 hens and 1 rooster for the family July 2014 to help them start to build a chicken business. Since then, they have been running out of room to house the 18 chickens (15 hens and 3 roosters) A team recently went down to Haiti November 11-17, 2015 to help work side by side the Jean family to construct a 6'X6' chicken coop to house. This new coop will house the current 15 chickens and 3 roosters the family owns. It is large enough to allow their chicken population to grow.  Through a very generous donation Anchored Beginnings received, the team was able to teach the family to use electric tools and other tools to construct a chicken coop to better hold the chickens they now have. The hope is that by building this coop, the chickens will be more comfortable and will provide more eggs and other babies to help continue to grow this business. We are working on working with them to not only have more chickens but to learn how to manage the dollars brought in. We will continue to bring teams down to help them with bookkeeping and other skills needed to keep this business successful. 

Security wall and Bathroom project:

Still raising funds for this piece. 

Anchored Beginnings is honored to be able to build a security wall and indoor bathroom for one family in Haiti. We are proud to say were also able to hire skilled Haitian workers and provide work to the Jean family. We believe that where there is hope, you start to believe that greater things are possible. Anchored Beginnings believes all this WILL happen if our organization stays focused on God and what He is guiding our organization to accomplish through him.

Phase I:

Our goal with Phase I is to build a 2/3 of a security wall that will encircle the Jean home and provide them with better peace of mind. We will also expand the foundation of the family’s home to support a new indoor bathroom and closet space that they have never had before.

The wall at this phase will be 52.8 feet (16 meters) in length. The Highest point on the wall will be 17 feet high. This phase is already in progress but more funding is needed.

Donations provided to date:
  • $2,000.00 toward phase I (100% donated)

Donations still needed:
  • $6,200.00 - This will allow us to finish phase I of the security wall and to add the indoor bathroom that is part of this phase. (Still fundraising for this... we have 3,000.00 allocated toward this portion so far. Still need to raise $3,200.00 additional. 

Completed to date:
Wall is completed at 52.8 feet. The length is finished but the wall is still in need of cement block in some areas to complete the height of the wall.

Phase II:

The vision with Phase II is to complete the remaining 2/3’s of the security wall. We will also add a security gate to allow people to enter and exit as needed. This phase will complete the security portion of our projects. This section of the wall will be 102 feet (30.05 meters).